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Law Firms functioning within the network Kuk Adwokaci, due to many years of professional experience of managing and cooperating lawyers, provide our Clients with comprehensive legal services. Specialisations and fields of professional interests of lawyers of the network Kuk Adwokaci, substantive complementing each other in the course of running particular cases and executing other professional ventures enable us to fulfil expectations and needs of our Clients.

We provide legal services for natural persons and for any kinds of companies and other entities conducting business activity, as well as for the ones not conducting such activity.

Remuneration for performed services and its amount is adjusted to range and type of our services; obviously, we consider needs of our Clients. In this matter we offer flexible rules based on hourly rates, lump-sum fee, as well as fixed price for running particular case or performing particular actions.

Preferential prices are applied for Clients who we perform constant legal support for.

    Main fields of our practice are:
      I. legal representation of our Clients in all types of proceedings – lawsuit, arbitration, administrative, among others:
  • 1)
  • ● performing defence counsel's functions in criminal, tax revenue (fiscal-penal), petty offences proceeding in their court stage (in each instance) as well as at preliminary, executive, pardon proceedings stages;
  • ● performing legal representation of interest of other participants of criminal, tax revenue (fiscal-penal), petty offences proceedings who act as an aggrieved party, private prosecutor, supporting public prosecutor, claimant in criminal proceedings, intervening party, entity charged with subsidiary legal responsibility;
  • 2)
  • ● performing legal representation of parties and participants of any type of litigation, non-litigation, executive legal proceedings of civil, family, succession, labour law and others;
  • 3)
  • ● performing legal representation of parties in litigations concerning economic/business cases and in arbitration;
  • 4)
  • ● performing legal representation of parties of administrative and judicial-administrative proceedings;
  • 5)
  • ● representing interests of participants of bankruptcy proceedings;
    1. II. legal advisory on each domain of law our lawyers specialise at, mainly on criminal, tax revenue (fiscal-penal), civil, business, succession, family, commercial, labour, insurance, administrative law;
      III. rendering constant and comprehensive legal support, especially for companies and other commercial entities;
      IV. representing Clients in any negotiations concerning their interests;
      V. elaborating and giving opinion on projects of contracts, agreements, settlements and other documents concluded or entered by our Clients – both natural persons and other entities, especially companies;
      VI. elaborating and giving opinion on projects of resolutions, regulations and other documents for our Clients, especially for business entities;
      VII. funding and reorganising companies and other entities.

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